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Sheep in South Australian yard (Photo by Charlotte Pruett)

Sale yards are a cornerstone of Australian agriculture and rural tourism — the smell of lanolin-coated wool and the chipper “hut-hut, hey-hey” of livestock agents are experiences familiar to locals and novel to visitors. The auctions have been a staple in the industry for generations, a place for both socializing and business, but their prevalence and ways of operation may have to change as a result of a COVID-19 push online.

“Looking at the computer and clicking a button isn’t as exciting, is it?” asks Graham Coleman, a farmer and a former sheep yard employee from Jamestown, South Australia.


Here’s why military Bronies think there’s a prominent crossover between the two communities

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Military Bronies meme. (Labeled fair use from DeviantArt)

The target demographic of the “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” show was originally kids ages 2 to 11. However, after the show aired in 2010, it unexpectedly fueled the Bronies, a predominantly adult male fandom with members who connect over their love for the brand’s cartoon show, toys and merchandise. Out of the general Bronies community, with a Facebook group boasting more than 44,000 likes, came a different and equally surprising subcommunity: military Bronies.

Military Bronies make up a significant portion of the Bronies community, with…

Members of the Brony community share how their online and offline relationships will continue long after the show’s final season

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BronyCon 2014 (Wikimedia Commons)

When many people think of My Little Pony, they think of commercials from their childhood in which young girls comb the hair of plastic, multi-colored ponies. They may even be able to hum the theme song: “My Little Pony, My Little Pony. What is friendship all about?”

Charlotte Pruett

Charlotte Pruett is a reporter currently living in Adelaide, South Australia.

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